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August, 2008:

What a Marvel to See So Many Trees

clip_image001[6]Dear Friends of Matènwa,

In July we hosted a Beyond Borders’ Transformational Travel group for 4 days.  Courageous Women performed their Diaspora play showing that when a woman gives herself to a man just because he has money, this could increase her problems rather than solve them.

The Women Artists performed their play on the plight of Restavèks and shared their art. The visitors sat in on our summer elementary classes and a teacher discussion group on Iv Dejan’s book, “Yon lekòl tèt anba nan yon peyi tèt anba” (An Upside Down School In An Upside Down Country).

The group was astonished to see progress, in every sense of the word, being made in a little area like this. Their Beyond Borders leader Coleen Hedglin remarked, “The last time I was in Lagonav was six years ago. What a marvel to see so many trees, the way family life is, lots of women working in all domains, and a climate of peace in Matènwa.”

clip_image001 clip_image001[4]

Mariam Higgins and her two children Max and Genveive from Portland, Oregon, came to experience Haiti during a three-week homestay. Some highlights after seeing the MCLC summer classes were the Gran Sous swimming hole which is fed by a beautiful water fall, a dramatic lightning storm, a bat cave, grinding fresh nuts into peanut butter, and making Haitian coffee from scratch: a process of grilling, caramelizing, and pounding the beans.

Visitors continue to validate our progress and desire to witness our local hospitality, talents, and treasures.  We hope you will come experience cultural eco-tourism here sometime soon.


Chris Low and Abner Sauveur

Millienne Angervil