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March Update

Bonjou MCLC supporters,

March was a great month for us here at the Matènwa Community Learning Center. We had 5 educators from the Episcopal school in Twen come for observation and training. They left with a book they wrote in Creole, a new vision of how their school can support local food production, and knowledge about how they can develop closer relationships with their students. A group called Support Local Production from Port Au Prince came for an exchange visit. They showed us a film and performed their play that emphasizes the value and advantages of consuming local production versus imported goods.

But the most encouraging visit was when two education coordinators from Concern Worldwide brought 28 representatives—one student and one teacher from each of 14 schools across Lagonav to observe for 24 hours. They were especially impressed with our emphasis on creative writing in Creole, discussion groups in all classes, the school garden, and the close relationships between teachers and students. This has been our long awaited dream to finally share our educational model not only with schools from the mainland and other countries, but with the many schools right here on Lagonav.


Agronomist Lucso holds up a 29 pound yam

We dug up 4 large yams. The biggest one weighed 29 pounds! It was a great thing to show our visitors. We harvested cabbages, plantains, hot peppers, and carrots and planted new beds of cabbages, chard, tomatoes, beets, squash, and peppers.

Thank you so much for your support which makes all this learning possible.

With much respect and gratitude,

Co-directors Chris Low and Abner Sauveur
Secretary Millienne Angervil

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