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October, 2009:

October Update

Dear Friends of MCLC,

One evening, about a year and a half ago, two male friends in the community of Matènwa came to my home there. “Chris, remember how you have spoken to us about vasectomies? We are ready. We want you to find a doctor to come here and do vasectomies. We can no longer feed our children. We don’t want to risk having any more.” “You’ll chicken out at the last minute,” I laughed. “No, we are serious. We’ll sign a contract right now. There are other men, too.”

That dream became a reality this past month. Seven men had vasectomies and are now feeling more in control of their lives. One man stated, “Here are my children. These are the kids I did this for.  I can now take good care of them and bring them up well. And here is one of the 3 other children that I am helping. I took him in before I had children. Thank you, I was very thirsty for this.”

Another man stated, “For me my only complaint is that I didn’t do this earlier. I already have 3 girls. I should’ve only had 2 children. But I have 3 and will take care of 3. And even if I have more means in the future, I don’t need to have more children, I’d rather help some other children whose parents can’t help them. I should adopt some.”

Thanks for your continued support of the Matènwa Community Learning Center. This is another self-determined step towards the reduction of restavèks (children in servitude) in our community.

Directors Chris Low and Abner Sauveur