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“People here are already hungry.” Enel is home.

Owen 7:48 am: The biggest issue for Matenwa and Lagonave will be one of finding food and other resources. People here are already hungry. It is very difficult to find cooking oil and other necessities, as the merchants who travel back and forth from the mainland have stopped. All places removed from the city are sure to experience these difficulties, but Lagonave, a 2 hour long boat ride away will be especially bad. The already poor infastructure leading to the Island was shattered, and people are afraid to leave. Enel Angervil, Millienne’s husband, arrived from Port-au-Prince, he reported walking over dead bodies and walking most of the hour and a half long car ride to the Carries warf, only finding the sailboat running to Lagonave. The reality has not really set in. Looking across to the mainland, one would never know what had happened. As I write, there are still slight tremors. In the library of the school, as soon as they happen, everyone picks up and runs towards the door. On Lagonave we will wait and see. It is still early, but already the lack of food and supplies can be felt. The price of rice has already gone up 20% in the area. It will be very difficult here. The shortage of food, is sure to effect everyone here and with no connection to the mainland it is unclear when or how it will be resolved.

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