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One Beacon of Education and Hope

The Matènwa Community Learning Center held preschool through ninth grade classes in the courtyards and around the outside of our round building this week. The central pillars of the round building are cracked so no one is taking the risk of holding classes inside. The Breakfast program is running smoothly and our community is organizing to receive food shipments as well as begin to harvest and sell local grains. There are over a hundred schools on the island of Lagonav. MCLC IS THE ONLY SCHOOL UP AND RUNNING ON LAGONAV. Our Local Arts Center is also functioning, holding weaving and embroidery classes, safely in my yard. We are encouraging other schools to also open their doors to start to bring education and hope back into to the lives of all of our children and families of Lagonav.

We thank you for your donations and hope that you will continue to send them so that our local initiatives can succeed in these hardest of times. Because of you, our partners, we can feel hopeful, because of you we are going to rebuild. Every voice makes a difference. Please keep Matènwa in your conversations circles.

Thank you


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