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US Bunker Hill

I just talked to Feronel who was crossing from St Marc with food. He said that there was no corn meal or millet to buy there, it was bought up on Friday but that he did get rice and cooking oil. People from the port town of Ansagale are coming to buy food from the market ladies in the mountains. They are in great fear that food is running out in Anse a galets.
The USS Bunker Hill went to Anse-a-Galets yesterday and did meet with a group which included several mayors in Anse a galets. They are seeking a needs assessment and people that they can partner with. MCLC is trying to connect them with key leaders on Lagonav including the Civil Protection Director, AAPLAG and Concern staff. MCLC wants aid to get to the people of Lagonav with the advice of local leaders on how to do it without starting fights. Apparently there was a food drop by helicopter on the other side of the island the day before that resulted in causing a large crowd to scramble and fight over what was dropped.

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