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May, 2010:

May Update

For the people of Lagonav the earthquake hit us in three different waves. The first wave was most visible: thousands of homes have broken walls. The poorest of the poor, who had no cement in their walls of rock and limestone are now being hit with wind and rain. Their bed sheets are not enough to protect them from the elements. The second wave was the pain of our colleagues who lost their university age children in Port Au Prince, as well as other relatives and friends. The third wave was of hunger. Food prices have risen and families have swelled because of the mass exodus out of Port Au Prince to Lagonav.

In response, MCLC has been rebuilding homes as resources come in. We are repairing 23 homes in 8 different locations. As soon as we finish these we will embark on another 30 homes. MCLC has been selling food to market ladies at subsidized prices and also sharing donated food with schools in surrounding towns.
Thanks to a collaborative effort with Waveplace we have been piloting the OLPC XO computers in our fifth grade.


Thanks to the Fayerweather Street School our Mother Tongue Books collection now has a total of 80 new titles. We will be sharing some of these next month in audio at <> .

Thanks to Rotary International we now have funds to teach more teachers in Lagonav to learn to make books so that we can not only add to our Mother Tongue Books collection, but also make copies for other schools.

Your support allows us to sustain our school, the jobs, and education it provides as well as do outreach to surrounding communities in dire need. Thank you.


Co-directors Chris and Abner and Secretary Millienne