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November, 2010:

November Update

Dear Supporters,

A picture tells a thousand words.  With all the disheartening news one can get very discouraged and feel that contributing to Haiti is like throwing money into a hole in the ground.  The Matènwa community assures you that your contributions are making our land fertile and the growth of the children’s accomplishments in their social and  academic lives tangible. They are making holes in the ground to plant trees, fruits, and vegetables.

When you feel that Haiti is caught in an endless cycle of despair remember MCLC’s school cycle and discussion circles. Each annual cycle shows progress, their circles encourage critical thinking skills and self-determination.

The MCLC teachers’ work is vital to a successful collaborative model.

Please share these pictures to tell the positive story.






Preschoolers in the Garden






Whole School Weekly Meeting






Story Time in the Library


Every dollar counts. Thank you for remembering us each month.


Chris Low in behalf of MCLC