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December, 2010:

December Update

Dear MCLC Supporters,

We thank you for our dedication to the vital work happening in the Matènwa Community.  Haggerty School (Cambridge, Massachusetts) librarian, Karen Kosko, connected us to FACES children’s magazine.  We have been working on two projects: one featuring 10 students between the ages of 9 – 14 and one longer photo interview of a junior high student for FACES’ Fall 2011 publication.



My name is Peter-Frantz. I am eleven years old. I was born and raised in Haiti. I live in Nan Jozen, La Gonave. My school has a library where I can do research. I like Haiti very much because it has a beautiful culture and a beautiful language: Creole. I like to drink coffee because the Haitian coffee is the number one coffee in the world. In my country people have lots of respect for others regardless of where you are from. I am proud to be Haitian.

MIT linguist professor, Michel DeGraff, has a grant this year to work on technology-enhanced and Kreyòl-based education.  He is currently at the stage of working with an evolving team of educators and programmers to produce a suite of Kreyòl and computer-based games for the teaching of 4th grade math.  He has been working with the MCLC teachers this year, having made four visits to the site so far to brainstorm and plan a controlled experiment to evaluate the effects of such games.

You can see an excerpt that’s currently being translated (with voice-over) on plate tectonics, along with another video on photosynthesis at . The original videos are at and  Also in the works: subtitles for a calculus video from MIT’s OpenCourseWare:

Michel is still looking for more programmers with knowledge of Kreyòl and 4th grade math, further down the road we’ll need help from researchers familiar with Haiti, educational technology and experience in assessing educational interventions.


Chris Low, Executive Director

Driscoll Extended Day Program Fund Raiser

The Driscoll Extended Day Program (DEDP) is a non-profit after school program that takes place at the Michael Driscoll School in Brookline, MA. Every year DEDP hosts a charity craft fair–this year the program was happy to donate to the Matènwa Community Learning Center, having been particularly impressed with MCLC’s multi-faceted approach to helping its community. Through the yearly event, teachers hope their students will start and continue on a path of social responsibility.

Kids from Kindergarten through 5th grade worked from September to late November making crafts, baking sweets, and selling raffle tickets for the event. Teachers from the program donated gift certificates and services to be raffled off. The event was a huge success, and the students involved were genuinely interested to learn about the people they were helping in Haiti.