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April, 2011:

April 2011 Update

Thank you for all your support.  This month’s highlights are:

Staff Development: Two of our teachers went to Port Au Prince for the third session of a series of mathematic workshops using Cuisenaire Rods.  They have already started to share the information with other teachers during our Friday staff development sessions.  Staff development is given according to what the staff feel they need.  Ezner, Chair of the Direction Committee, has recently given two sessions on the best way to give semester exams.

Visitors from Boston: Barbara Sampson and Chris Low from the Board of Friends of Matènwa came to do a site visit; Artist Saskia Van Vactor and writer, Kettly Mars, came and gave art classes to all our elementary students to augment their techniques for illustrating their Mother Tongue Books: Chris Hamilton and Helen Bakeman came to film to make promotional videos that we hope will bring us more needed funds and human resources.  They followed Zaza Geffrard whose 5 children and she were all students or graduates of the school  The school is open to accepting any parent who feels that he or she wants an elementary education.

Construction: Holland and his crew are finishing the walls of our new bookstore, bookmaking and seminar rooms.


For several years now we have talked about creating business with local funds in order to become more autonomous.  We are now selling staple foods because we feel this is greatly needed in our community. We will use the profits to cover a few of our junior high teachers’ salaries.

‘Til next time!

The MCLC Direction Committee


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