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May, 2011:

May Update

Dear Friends of Matènwa,

 It is always a pleasure to tell you about what has been happening at the center.  For starters, the library construction is advancing.  We have smoothed the cement walls and will be putting up the framing for the roof.  The Mother Tongue Books project is going extremely well.  All the students are very interested in reading during morning silent reading because they are reading their friends’ work.  We also bought more Creole books from the Caribbean University in Haiti.  They like these books because they are about children their own age and animals.

In the garden tomatoes and plantains are growing despite the drought we are experiencing in Lagonav.  Thank you Jamie Rhoads for bringing us lots of seed to allow more of our families to start their vegetable gardens.  Fifth graders are excited that they successfully grew and harvested some wheat?  They plan to grow more of this.

We are spreading our model.  Eighteen school teachers and directors from the AJPDG, an association of several communities on Lagonav, for a campus tour.  They would like to copy our model that integrates agriculture with primary education.

Music teacher Fefe and his students are preparing songs for our Flag Day Celebration.  The school band continues to play at our Thursday meetings.  They love to play music.

Frieinds, that’s what we have to report.  We hope you enjoyed it.

Millienne and Chris on behalf of MCLC

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