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July, 2011:

July Update

Bonjou Friends of MCLC,

Music:  Our program is really advancing now.  Our friend, Owen Thomas, from the US came with a recorder and taught us how to record music.  With his help we now have a CD with songs from every class.  A group of youth are going to open a recording studio this summer in one of our new local art studio cottages.

Bookstore and book production room:  The space is almost done.  The walls are done and many of the tables have been made.  Our local Mother Tongue Books will be produced and sold here.  Many schools here and abroad are planning to produce books next year.  We are looking to make this a global collaborative.

Annual Open Space Meeting June 23-26th:  This  year Millienne, Chrislène, Esther, Samila, Eligene and Tiga represented MCLC.  People from all over Haiti, from different economic and educational backgrounds attend this discussion-based meeting.  This year’s theme was: What tools and practices do Haitians need to become an agent of change in their communities?  Our agriculture teacher, Eligene, brought pictures to illustrate how we integrate agriculture into our curriculum for all students.  Those who attended his session were eager to implement this in their schools.

The computer room:  The children in fourth grade are continuing to enjoy math games brought by Michel DeGraff for a pilot that we have been participating in this year to analyze what advantages there are to using computers when teaching fourth grade mathematics.

Friends, that’s a few things we have to report for this month.  We hope you have enjoyed reading?

Thank you,

Secretary Millienne Angervil and Co-founder Chris Low