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August, 2011:

August Update

We just finished a pilot project that we feel will have an essential positive impact on our community.  If re-funded and expanded this project will change the face and health of several communities.

OUR STRATEGY is empowerment rather than dependency.  Many times people in need appear to those helping them as people who dont think about what is best for them.  When given the space and resources to implement their own ideas parents have confidence in their own capacities and personal experiences.  LKMPD believes that self-determination is the raod to dignity and success.

A quick 9 week project called Water and Gardens for 10 Families was funded by Pacific Rim Voices.  Each family received 2 water drums, 2 gutters, vegetable seeds, training, kandelam plants for a 10 square meter space, and wire fencing to keep out goats and chickens until the kandelam grows to secure height and width.  The gardeners talked together each wek to deepen each other’s knowledge.  The completion of these gardens has ignited a desire in others to be part of this movement.  We hope all of our 100 families will eventually have home vegetable gardens.  The community recognizes that this gardens will diminish malnutrition in Matènwa.

LUISINE SPEAKS ABOUT THE PROJECT: I have already benefitted from my garden.  We have eaten from it and sold from it.  I will help some of the other families in their gardens so they can also be successful.  If one of us in the group doesn’t succeed, then we all lose out.


Chris W. Low