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December, 2011:

Matènwa: A Story of Innovation

A source of strength

Established fifteen years ago on the island of La Gonave, off of mainland Haiti, the Matènwa Community Learning Center is increasingly viewed a source of educational innovation that deserves to be replicated throughout Haiti. The emphasis at the school is problem-solving, not rote-learning, nor bullwhip-driven discipline. Education is combined with being in harmony with the environment. Reflections circles give students a real voice, and is a forum where they learn to listen to each other. Education at Matènwa is about growing thinkers who can have an impact on their community and the lives of many others.


December Update

Dear friends of Matènwa,

It is always with great heart-felt happiness and gratitude that the Matènwa Community Learning Center (MCLC) direction committee, staff, and parents share with you some of the activities we were able to do this past month.

In November we had three full days of pedagogical training by our regional Educational Inspector, Jonès Lagrandeur.  Twenty five teachers participated – a combination of MCLC teachers and teachers from our 11 outreach schools.   We focused on three areas:  the State Curriculum, how to prepare lessons, and how to best present lessons.

Third Assembly: The kids confidently use this space to bring attention to positive and difficult things they are encountering in school.

The Arts:  The younger kids are learning how to weave and the older kids are learning how to embroider.

The Garden:  We have carrots, tomatoes, and cabbage in the garden beds right now.  In December they will be ready to eat as part of school breakfast.

Music:  The younger classes are learning to sing new songs.  The older students are learning to play drums, which they love.


Ezner Angervil, MCLC Direction Committee

Translated by : Chris Low, Exec. Director, Friends of Matènwa