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August, 2012:

A Death in the Family

Thank you to all of those who donated on Razoo to help one of our silk painters, Venez Kasimir.  It is with great sadness that we are sharing this update from Ellen Lebow.

Matènwa Summer 2012 (Slideshow)


August 2012 Updates

August 2012

Dear Friends of Matènwa,
It is with great joy we share the last month of activities for school year 2011 -2012 done with your support. We had 3 major programs each day. Mornings started with remedial literacy and math classes for those who needed some review before graduating to the next grade. Next came camp activities, which were various games and workshops offered for and by youth and teachers as well as US teachers.

Many youth in the community who are not students at Matènwa Community Learning Center (MCLC) participated in the camp, either to share their knowledge or to enjoy learning something new. These activities were: 4 different kinds of embroidery bracelets, woodworking, dance,music, computer, games, reflection circles, soccer, library, and crafts.

After a meal kids went home and teachers from the US and Canada gave teacher trainings. The themes we addressed were: History of Haiti, educational games, writing, integrating art andscience, electricity, what is a good learning environment, how to use pictures, what are some of the interventions one can implement when a child cannot write legibly, cannot memorize, has difficulty concentrating on homework, doesn’t comprehend what the teacher is saying. This summer program was extremely successful and rich.

We thank Ingleed Auguste, Connie Biewald, Ellen Biewald, Neta Crawford, Rose Crawford, Duncan Freake, Yvon Lamour, Juliette Low, Jean St. Vil and family, for coming to share their talents with Matènwa.

The MCLC Direction Committee, staff, parents, and students say thank you, thank you, thank you!

Together we are making a difference,

Chris Low