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December Updates 2012

Dec. 2012
Dear Friends Matènwa,

Every time we have a chance to share some of our different activities we have at school with our supporters, it is always with great joy.  As I walk around the school I see gardening, music, crafts, library, sports, and class work happening.

1 – In The Library
Preshoolers and kindergarteners come to the library every day for storytime. This month’s favorites are “Konpè Chat ak Konpè Chen” and “Ti kochon k ap chante”. Fifth and sixth grade each come once a week and have been reading “Restavek” and “Exploring the United States.”

2 – In The Arts Village
Women are learning to make bags with local reeds and discarded chip bags. Students already made 24 chairs. Lagonavians all had to travel across the sea to buy chairs on the mainland, but  now many schools are ordering chairs from us. This is a major success for MCLC.

3 – In Music
The preschool and kindergarten go to music everyday. They learn songs, dances and a little poetry. All MCLC students are becoming  excellent drummers. It is their favorite instrument!

4-In The Garden
Gardening remains as one of the strong points for our school because it allows us to teach concrete science. Students are experimenting with sweet potatoes and cassava as well as transferring vegetable seedlings once they have sprouted.

5 – In The Community
There are several groups who gather once a week at MCLC to practice different participatory dialogue methods applied by MCLC. In this photo ESK, Education Is A Conversation is being used where we discuss human rights, particularly the rights of Restavek children.

Ezner Angervi Director MCLC
Translator:   Chris Low
Executive Director.  Friends of Matènwa

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