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July, 2014:

July 2014 Update

Dear friends of Matènwa,

Happy 4th of July and thank you for a great school year! The entire MCLC community thanks you for your tremendous support. Because of you, we continue to see meaningful growth in all our programs.

NM7_P1 We have kept a flourishing garden throughout the school year. We sill have a lot of tomatoes, cabbages and carrots. The students got to eat the vegetables whenever we harvested for the school breakfast. We also sold part of the produce to help sustain the garden. Moreover, students and teachers enjoy the hands-on lessons that take place there in sciences, math and other subjects.

                                                                                      Learning through gamesNM7_P2

We bring games into the classroom not simply for fun but for deeper learning. Students here are using LEGO bricks to create and learn more about geometric figures such as squares, rectangles and rhombuses. Others used them more creatively to problem solve, building motorcycles, cars, chairs and houses. For the kindergarteners, they are great tools for lessons around color shapes.

Promoting productive skills through art

The art students and teachers had an outstanding year. In woodworking class, they made over 200 woven chairs! We used some in our classrooms and sold some to schools in the area. We have more than 30 students who can now make these chairs on their own. Those in the sewing class made knit scarves using looms; another group learned to do bracelets from colorful rubber bands. Using these skills, we hope to increase our local capacity to buy some of the materials needed to keep the art center thriving.


Our vision is to equip all MCLC students with some productive skills, in addition to solid academics, in order to increase their chances of making a living after graduation. With you at our side, we are sure that this vision will become a reality.

Chris Low, Executive Director FOM
Ezner Angervil, Director MCLC