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September, 2014:

September 2014 Update

Dear friends of Matènwa,

We have some great news to share. We are proud to report that all 25 of our 6th graders and 21 of our 25 9th graders passed the national exams. Students from 13 partner schools that have received training from MCLC did also relatively well on the exams (81% of 234 students passed). Lagonav is overall reporting an increase in success rate on these exams and your support is making a difference in these results.

Summer Trainings and Workshops

Matenwa1More than 30 teachers from 13 partner schools came to MCLC for our last summer training. They used this opportunity to discuss the materials and resources needed to help their schools operate better. They also reviewed together the state exam results, their work in the school gardens, and the 2014-2015 academic calendar.

Matenwa2All MCLC staff also met together for a week before the school’s reopening in order to review the last academic year and prepare for the next. They are very pleased with the national exam results and look forward to helping the students perform even better this year. They want to continue having their weekly staff training and development every Friday and maintain their success in the school garden. As a group, they would also like to boost the art and music program.



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Teachers are preparing and discussing their classroom materials with each other before they welcome students for the new academic year.

A network of school directors

Matenwa6Seven of 10 partner schools that have been receiving intense training from MCLC in the past years have decided to join together to form a school director’s network to spread our model. They want to encourage more schools to use Creole as the language of instruction, eliminate violence in the education system, create school gardens, and value their local products. These directors are meeting together and thinking of ways to support and improve the MCLC model. We welcome their initiative and will continue to strengthen this partnership.


Chris Low, Executive Director FOM
Ezner Angervil, Director MCLC