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Ways to Help


THE STARFISH FUND was created to anchor the future financial security for MCLC so that the efforts of the past decade will be a permanent improvement for this community. The fund began with a $150,000 gift; an endowment fund of $2,000,000 will be able to generate the additional funds needed to sustain and grow the project. Volunteers are helping to raise funds to reach this goal. Matènwa Community Learning Center is a non-sectarian independent organization that funds programs through volunteer donations. It has an affiliate agreement with Beyond  Borders, a 501.c.3 not-for-profit corporation, to act as its fiscal agent.

Our community is both surviving and striving for a better life. We have come so far because of your trust in us to use every penny wisely. Children are growing food, eating, planting trees, and learning to educate themselves; homes are being rebuilt with more solid materials; and we are spreading non-violent education for children and adults within and beyond our own community. Whether you give 10 dollars or 100 dollars a month your donation keeps our vital programs running smoothly.

Your participation helps cover these annual expenses:

A class $3,000 (pre-k through 9th grade)
A teacher’s salary $2,400 (16 teachers)
A teachers’ seminar $500
A student $300
A child’s breakfast $200
Library Garden Water Where most needed  $_______

Please give generously to the Matènwa Community Learning Center.  Make a one-time gift or sign up for monthly support.



Every child deserves a healthy breakfast and a good book to read. Many parents are faced with the decision to give their children away to be restaveks when they cannot feed or educate them. MCLC wants to educate children and keep families together.  Your donation of 25 dollars a month will bring opportunity and security to a child and keep our parents from ever having to make such a heart-wrenching choice .


o Breakfast and Books @ 25.00                          o Breakfast and Books for two  @ 50.00

Please act now. You can donate:

  • On-line through our fiscal agent at: Beyond Borders – In order to direct your donation to Matènwa scroll to: Please let us know where to direct your gift and click on Matènwa Learning Ctr (school) or  Matènwa Learn Ctr (Breakfast).
  • Matenwa donation clipBy mail: Direct your donation using this Donation Form and mail to Beyond Borders/MCLC , Box 2132, Norristown, PA 19404.  Your check should be made to:  “Beyond Borders/MCLC”

Thank you for your generosity at this time of exceptional need.



Christine W. Low
Abner Sauveur
Co-Directors, MCLC



The Matènwa Community is looking to be more self-sufficient by producing more locally grown and locally made products. The community needs volunteers  who would like to share their expertise  in the areas of:

French fluency

English fluency

How to preserve fruits using the sun

How to dry herbs

How to make goat cheese

How to make chicken coops

Use of urine and humanure.

How to harvest, mold, and fire local clay

Marketing of our Art products

Family health


Where ever you live we would welcome help in marketing the beautiful products that the two Matènwa art centers are making.

We need partners who would like to order scarves with a personalized logo on them for your school, business, club, or organization. You can send us a design or we can make one for you.

We need grant writers.

We need gifts in kind for our annual Evening of Education and Hope in the Boston area.

We need other people who are willing to organize fundraisers for MCLC in their own towns. They can be house parties, bowling parties, dance parties, church collections, walks, author readings, etc.

We need teachers who would like to involve their classes in making Mother Tongue Books.

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