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Laws of Motion: Paths to, from, and back to Matènwa

In February, MCLC hosted a group of 13 visitors from the US.  The first days of the visit were wonderful, with classroom participation, market visits, and a chance to make real Haitian coffee.  Mid-visit, on a trip to one of our outreach communities, the pick up truck, while carrying our visitors slowly and carefully down a mountain,

lost its brakes and swerved into the mountainside in an effort to stop.  Almost everyone sustained some injury, from cuts and bruises to broken bones. However, through a series of remarkable and efficient networks, a truck was called, air transport by helicopter and small plane to Port au Prince was organized immediately, and well trained nurses and doctors were available on Lagonav for triage and then again in Port Au Prince.  Everyone is safely home now, and mending, and the one Haitian translator (Tessa Mars) who needed more advanced medical care than facilities there could provide is also recovering here.

We are so thankful for everyone’s support so far.  Our visitor program is an important part of cross-cultural understanding that Friends of Matènwa and MCLC support. Our staff makes every effort to provide safe travel, in order to avoid accidents. We are reviewing and redoubling our efforts for safety.  Several of the visitors on this very trip have said,  “We were having such a great time before the accident. I want to go back.”

If you would like to read more about these events head over to Laws of Motion: Paths to, from, and back to Matènwa.

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