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learning1 The Matènwa Community School seeks to help children learn the information and receive the training that will prepare them for their future. In every subject matter, we try to teach by using concrete activities.

We want to present a curriculum where children don’t just learn to read, write and do math, but where they also learn to do research, think critically, evaluate ideas, and discuss any problem in a way that will lead them to find a solution.

The school wants to create an ambiance where children and adults feel respected by each other. Both adults and children have rights before the law. Adults must uphold the laws for everyone, especially children.

We want everyone to be engaged in developing the region and to protect nature and the environment. Everyone must participate in the reforestation that will save LaGonav.

To learn more about the Matènwa Community Learning Center, you can view and download our brochure.

Spend a few minutes with the video that we have prepared to provide you an insight into the Matènwa Community Learning Center

And please get acquainted with MCLC’s staff in Haiti

Our Address:

91 Aberdeen Ave
Cambridge, Ma 02138
617 543 8844
011 509 3 476 1644 (Haiti)

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