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Mother Tongue Books

IMG_0193The Mother Tongue Books project was created by the Matènwa Community Learning Center in December 2008. Books written by children for children are translated from one mother tongue into the mother tongue of the children receiving the books. Many children around the world do not acquire functional literacy skills even if they have had a K-3 education because they are not learning to read in their mother tongue. It is illogical to think that a child can read for meaning in a language for which he or she does not have a rich oral vocabulary. By sharing books across borders and translating them into a mother tongue children are contributing to each other’s education and helping one another become literate. This social justice project brings joy to all who are reading, writing, and exchanging books and promotes the creation of Mother Tongue school libraries.

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For examples of Mother Tongue Books from Fayerweather Street School please click here.

Mother Tongue Books from Haiti are featured on

See MTB science books financed by Harvard’s Basic Science Partnership.

Join us.  For more information please email us at


  1. Eridania Veras says:

    Stimulos creativos of Dominican Republic, need your address and phone, to confirm some data regarding a possible donation.

    Eridania Veras
    Stimulos Creativos
    Tel. 809-363-1874

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