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January 2009

Happy New Year! We write to you with much esteem. Thank you so much for your vital gifts at this time of the year. Here are some recent exciting happenings in our community:
WATER! It is a time for great celebration in Matènwa—we have a new well in our neighborhood! After some planning meetings with well diggers from Haiti Outreach the team showed up with their rig last month and struck water. Now many more families will be able to plant and water vegetable gardens with confidence instead of praying for rains that do not always come. We had had only one source serving over 500 families.
SPREADING OUR PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION:  Commissioned by the Mennonite Central Committee, MCLC teachers Millienne, Ezner, Robert, and Benaja gave a five-day seminar on the Psychology Of Teaching to 25 agricultural technicians and teachers from various parts of Northern Haiti. Participants remarked how they regretted the wrongs they had done to their students by not engaging them in dialogue and thus not making them active participants of their own learning. One participant remarked, “If I had the right to, I would close most of the schools in Haiti because most teachers do not create a learning environment for students.”
PARENT STUDENT TEACHER COMMITTEE: The PST committee is both an informational community liaison and their own learning group on how to implement projects. Having finished Concern Worldwide training in proposal writing, the PST then wrote a proposal to them for 4 latrines. The request was granted and these 4 latrines are almost complete.
Chris, Abner, and the MCLC teachers

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